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The State Fair of Virginia

Fall is finally starting to show its chilly place around these parts and I’m all kinds of excited about it.

One of the best parts about fall are the events that take place during this glorious season! Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to attend one of those events: The State Fair of Virginia.


Contrary to what many believe, the State Fair of Virginia is a pretty big deal. Having grown up 40 miles from where the state fair take places, I’m always shocked by the number of people who have never attended. Two years ago, I introduced Patti and Ben to the state fair. This year I attended with some other fair newbies.

The best thing about the fair is that it has a lot to offer and something for everyone. For the animal lovers, it’s farm animal heaven. This year we checked out the cows, chickens, rabbits, goats, ducks, alpacas, and fish.


What really drew me to the fair this year was the food. I had been hearing for days and days on the news about the different foods this year’s state fair was offering. I’ll give you a little secret about state fair food: it’s all deep fried. Being a southern girl myself, I don’t mind. My all time favorite fair food is the funnel cake which I split one with my roommate. While the Krispy Kreme burger was tempting (not at all…yuck), the new food I tried this year was the deep fried country ham biscuit. It was okay, too much bread and not enough ham. But it was worth the $4. Also, to anyone who tried the fried Kool-Aid, please explain it to me.


When I younger, I think I used to actually ride the rides at the state fair. I was a big fan of the Tilt-a-Whirl. Now as an adult, the rides just look terrifying to me! But it is fun to watch people ride the rides. Also it’s fun to watch people play the games as well. Two years ago, I attempted a game. I didn’t win. Who has room for those excessively large stuffed animals anyway?!

If animals, food, rides and games are not your thing, there is always people watching. The most interesting people attend the fair, whether their actions or their clothes be interesting, you’re in for a treat.

The reason we chose the day we did to go to the fair was for a concert! We had the pleasure of attending the Brett Eldredge concert and that was a good time.



Long Story Short: If you have the chance, go to the state fair!

Have you ever been to the fair? What’s your favorite part?



Daniel C.

I love state fairs!


Which have you been to?


Nice Tiff, never been, but I’ll have to check it out!


How have you never been? I will remind you to go next year!

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