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The 27 Year Old Student (The Sequel)

I’m not getting any younger. Luckily neither are the other students in my classes. I survived my first semester of VCU, in a class which was full of very young underclassman, including a freshman who had no idea what a blue book was, and I earned an A. Now I’m back for my second semester in which I finally enter classes specific to my certificate program.

Classes at VCU started on Wednesday. I spent my first official school night of the semester (the night before classes started) having Taco Tuesday (how culturally appropriate!) with Tori. As we were sitting there talking about my upcoming semester, I began to complain about how my teacher hadn’t even uploaded the syllabus onto Blackboard when I decided to check again. Guess what — she did! Guess what — es totalmente en español! Which shouldn’t be terrifying for someone who majored in Spanish and is expecting to complete a certificate program enabling her to translate and interpret between Spanish and English, but it was.

So then I do the unthinkable. I check the roster for the class. THERE ARE ONLY FIVE NAMES. I mean I’m all for my teacher knowing my name but this guarantees that there will be no “feeling off” days in class and no hiding behind the other students.

Skip to Wednesday. Despite the night before’s Blackboard findings, I’m feeling pretty confident. I park on my regular street and I make my way to the building my class is in, which thankfully is the same building as last semester because I know like 5 buildings on all of VCU campus. By the time, I walk to the building I’ve got about 10 or so minutes to find room 260. No big deal. I make my way to the second floor and see the rooms that start in the low 200s so I keep walking. Hmm…this floor seems too small to go all the way up to 260 because I’m walking past 207, 208. I consider asking a girl sitting outside of a classroom where room 260 is but I think, “Come on Tiffany, you’re 27 years old. You can find your classroom.” I get to the far end of the hall and I’m at a staircase and room 209 (or some room still in the low 200s.) Do not freak out, Tiffany. 

I make my way back to the original staircase and I see a sign that has an arrow and tells me where I can find rooms 260-264. Turns out they’re right around the corner from room 216. Duh, where else would they be? Screw rooms 217-259. Obviously they are lost.

There are 3 people sitting in the classroom when I get there, which means we’re only expecting one more. Then a man walks in and starts pulling up information on the screen in the front of the classroom. I remember from my syllabus that my professor’s first name is Marilyn which is usually a woman’s name so I’m thinking a cross between maybe it can be a man’s name too and please do no let me be in the wrong classroom. He pulls up the syllabus for a class about literary theory and I’m like oh no, this is embarrassing.

The girl next to me asks, “Is there a difference between room 0260 (which is what our syllabus said) and room 260?” and the professor tells her yes, the classrooms that start with 0 are in the basement. The girl next to me states that her previous class was in room 0216 and it was literally right next door (it was literally right next door — see above). Finally the observant boy in my class notices that literary theory syllabus says that their class is Monday/Wednesday at 5:30 and it’s only 4 PM. The man professor looks at the syllabus and realizes that he is an hour and a half early for the class he is teaching, apologizes and walks out muttering something about being an absent-minded professor.

At this point, I am relieved because now I know that I am in the correct place! I make small talk with the students who have already arrived to class and find out that one of them is also a non-degree seeking students, which means I finally have something in common with a classmate. He just graduated from UVA this past year so he’s still on the young side but I’ll take it.

Our professor finally arrives as do two other students. So we are a class of 6. She makes us introduce ourselves in Spanish which I think we are all nervous about except the two native speakers in our class. I opt to go last.

All in all, our professor seems really nice but I can tell that this class is going to be a little harder than last semester. I already know I have to miss our third class due to traveling for work so hopefully, that won’t put me too far behind. I’ve already spent two nights doing homework and I’m determined to a get an A. I hope you’ll enjoy following this next chapter of my continuing education! Vamanos!


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