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The 26 Year Old Student

I’m a self-proclaimed nerd. Actually others would proclaim me a nerd too. So when I moved in with 3 girls who are in nursing school, who do a lot of sitting in our living room studying, I didn’t pity them like a normal person would. Most people would think, “Better them than I.” But not me; I was jealous. I wanted to be learning too. Total nerd alert.

And that’s really where the journey began. One day I started talking to a friend about higher education and then to the Internet I went. I found a Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation certificate program that looked doable. And then unbeknownst to anyone, I applied to college. I didn’t know when the deadlines were. I didn’t know what classes my JMU classes would get me out of. Basically I applied on a whim. And then I forgot that I did. Until…

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I arrived home from the slowest day at work ever. I was on the phone with Patti when I walked in the door of my apartment building and checked the mail. There behind all the bills and other junk mail was the big envelope from VCU. I went upstairs and opened it! There were the words that every college applicant wants to see…even if it’s for the second time!

So there I was, 26 and admitted to college…again! But it’s never that easy right? First, I had to sign up for orientation. Orientation?! I’ve already done the college thing. I don’t need to play awkward circle-up ice breaker games; I have friends. I don’t need to get acclimated to the city where I’ll be going to school. I already live here, remember? But alas, I signed up for express orientation, which was three-quarters of a day long instead of a whole day. I have never felt so old before in my life.

Or disappointed. Can you imagine my surprise when my newly appointed advisor informed me that my JMU classes did not get me out of THREE intermediate Spanish classes that I would need for the certificate program? Um, hola — I MAJORED¬†in Spanish at JMU…how can that be?! So after that big surprise I then find out that the only times that Advanced Spanish Grammar and Writing II (the first class I’d need to take) was being offered were MWF at either 10 AM or 12 PM. Hola, otra vez, I’m a full-time working professional. Dreams meet drain…

But the surprises do not end there. My job was willing to work around that!

My sister and I go to the same college!
My sister and I go to the same college!

So I attend class every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 50 minutes in a class full of undergraduate students who (luckily, thanks to my genes) have no idea that I have 6 or 7 years on most of them.

It’s been an adventure thus far and I’m enjoying every moment of it, especially the homework!

Long Story Short: I’m a 26 year-old-full-time-working professional, part-time-student.

Have you ever considered continuing your education? Why or why not?



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