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Reasons Why Snow is Not Cool When You’re a Grown Up

They’re calling for a possible 3 to 7 inches of snow tomorrow, depending on which way the wind blows. Personally I’m wishing winter would just blow on over and get out of here. I’m sure tomorrow night’s snow will look great on top of what’s left from last week’s 5 to 6 inches that never got a chance to melt. Why’s that? Oh yeah, the temperature has only been above freezing once in the last week and a half.

As you can see, I have a serious case of the winter blues. I didn’t mind winter so much when I was younger but as I’ve gotten older, I just don’t see the point! Winter — snow, in particularly, is much cooler when you’re a kid. Here’s why!

  • Falling – What’s better than falling into a pile of fresh fallen snow as a child? You get snowflakes on your nose. It’s cute when a kid falls in the snow! Not so much when you totally eat it in the work parking lot in front of one of your coworkers while he’s cleaning the snow and ice off your car. You get bruises all down the side of your leg. Not cute.










  • Shoes and other winter attire – No matter how much winter gear they make for adults, none of it is considered professional attire. Heels and, even flats are not conducive to walking in the snow. Neither are rain boots if you step on the right piece of ice (see prior point). Tucking your dress pants into your rain boots just causes you to have wrinkled pants when you finally get to work. Cleaning off your car in the snow just causes you to have large wet spots on your work pants.










  • Driving – Anyone who knows me knows I have an intense driving anxiety. I don’t like to drive when it’s dark, when it’s storming, when it’s raining too hard, when the sun is looking at me funny, and most especially when it’s snowing/sleeting/precipitating in any frozen manner. Part of that anxiety comes directly from the car accident I was in last year on the snow covered roads of Richmond, no more than a half a mile from my house. So when it snows that means I rely on those around me who are more comfortable drivers to take me places. Call me pathetic if you will but I’m actually doing all of y’all a favor and keeping another nervous driver off the roads. [Major shout out to those who do cart me around in the snow!]


  • Parking/Sidewalks – However the few times I did drive in the snow, or post-snow, I wished I hadn’t due to the parking situation. The plows so nicely scrape most of the well travelled roads in Richmond, which is great. Except when you have to drive over a small mountain of snow to park your car. Don’t worry though because once you get out of your car, you’ll skate down the unshoveled sidewalks. No big deal.


  • Being prepared – Who’s actually ever really prepared for the snow? In the past week and a half, we lost power due to the high winds two nights before the snow actually got here. Which made me not want to go grocery shopping because I wasn’t prepared to lose another refrigerator full of food. Then I realized that I don’t actually own any real snow boots, a waterproof winter jacket or a shovel. All of which would be useful…
  • and the most important reason why snow sucks as an adult…There’s No Such Thing As Snow Days – There are very few times that I actually miss being a substitute teacher. Days when it snows is one of those times. Because no matter how much it snows, 9 times out of 10, I’m going to probably going to fall in it, have nothing snow-appropriate to wear, drive or be driven in it, deal with frozen roads and sidewalks, and not be prepared. And that’s not as cool as sleeping in and having no responsibilities for the day.

Long Story Short: I’m over winter! Bring it on summer! 


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