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Looking Back: The 2015 Edition

It’s funny the difference a year can make. At this time last year, I was preparing to go out of town with my roommates to Charleston, South Carolina to ring in the New Year. I was still in the midst of falling madly for an Army boy who had recently moved 8,000 miles away that I messaged every day. I still wasn’t quite sure how I felt about my job; it had been a rough year.

2015 started with me spending a couple of days in Charleston and I made my way back home. I started college again for the first time in 5 years. In March, my stepsister moved to Kentucky and a week later I flew out to see her and conquered navigating an airport alone for the first time. It didn’t help that it had snowed 20 inches in Kentucky and my trip got completely rerouted but I did get to spend two days in Hartford, Connecticut, a location I would never have toured otherwise.

I ran my 4th Monument Avenue 10K and inched closed to my sub-60 min 10K goal.  My best friend gave birth to an adorable baby girl, that I love with all my heart. I celebrated my 27th birthday in a low key manner, with dinner with the family and a Richmond Squirrels game with two close friends. I had my heart broken. I watched my sister graduate from college.

I spent my Friday nights at the race track with old friends, reminiscent of my childhood. I spent warm summer days at the river. I tried to be casual. I did the whole Tinder thing and after a month and a half, I deleted it. I moved out of my apartment with 3 roommates and moved into my own one bedroom place. I spent numerous work days working in our Winchester and Harrisonburg offices. I took a road trip to Philadelphia with my youngest sister to see my dad and venture around the city. We watched Rocky on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and I took my sister to her first Major League Baseball game.

I had a reunion with my college roommates. I did the annual fantasy football draft weekend. I went to Orlando for work and walked around Downtown Disney. I started my second semester of my certificate program. I started dating someone new. I bought a couch! I attended my 9th consecutive JMU Homecoming and got to experience College Game Day coming to campus.

My niece turned 4 years old. I went through what may be my most mature breakup ever. I ran my second half marathon and beat my personal record by 17 minutes. I attended two more JMU home football games, saw JMU become co-CAA champions and go to playoffs. I got a promotion at work that comes with a raise. I made new work friends. I spent the holidays with my amazing family.

I looked back on 2015. While there was no shortage of tears and sadness this year, there was also an abundance of good times and lessons learned. I can’t believe all of the above and more happened in just one year’s time. I’m going to miss 2015 but I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds.

Long Story Short: I was extremely blessed in 2015. Can’t wait for 2016! I hope you’ll stick around to see what the next chapter holds!


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