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About Me

Hi, I’m Tiffany. I’m a woman of many words to say the least. I’m a 28 year old small town girl now living in the big city of Richmond, Va. I’m a proud graduate of JMU, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Spanish. I’m a young professional that still wants to sleep in instead of go to work; a sometimes runner who often needs help finding the motivation to put on those sneakers; a poor girl who needs to learn how to budget; and a grown up who still thinks that cereal is an acceptable option for dinner.

Welcome to my story where you can read about me surviving my day job, finding the motivation to work out, acquiring the self control to not buy everything I want, learning to cook a decent meal along with all the awkwardness life throws my way.

Long Story Short: I’m Tiffany and this is the story of my life. Enjoy!