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5 Reasons Why I Would Sometimes Rather Live Alone

I’m a people person. I’d be so bad at living alone. I get lonely. I’d get really bored. I’ve tried to talk my boss into letting me have a desk buddy that’s how much I enjoy always having someone to talk to.

But there are moments when the thought crosses my mind that living alone wouldn’t be so bad. Here are a few of them:

  1. When the roommate turns off Taken just because we have to watch Wheel of Fortune every night at 7 pm. I like Wheel of Fortune probably more than the next person but you don’t just turn off Liam Nesson. He will find you and he will kill you. True Story.
  2. That moment when you get out of the shower and you realize that you left your towel in the floor of your bedroom yet again. There is nothing more serious than that moment when you are peering around the corner of your bathroom door listening for any and every noise and praying, Please don’t let anyone be home.
  3. Because sharing a refrigerator with 3 other people is just plain hard, okay? How many bottles of dressing, cartons of milk and packages of cheese can you fit in one fridge? A lot, because the moment a Ranch Dressing bottle emerges, you pick it up and think, “Is this mine? Hmm…not sure. I should probably buy another that I will know is definitely mine.” And the moment the fridge looks slightly empty and you can actually see the shelves, before you turn around, two people have already gone grocery shopping. Fail; you’re never fast enough.
  4. Because placing a check mark on a piece of paper every time I take out the trash or empty the dishwasher is not a game I care about or want to win. You’re the last person to fill up the trash can more than me? That means you probably make a lot of trash. I think that says more about you than it does about me, don’t you think? I’ll take the trash out when I want to.
  5. The bathroom is never available when you need it. It seems that when it’s exactly that moment when you’ve waited until the last moment to brush your teeth and straighten your hair and you only have exactly 7 minutes before you need to be walking out the door, your roommate needs the bathroom then. Or when you’ve decided the contact lenses have got to come out and you’re ready for your beauty sleep and the roomie is taking world’s longest shower.

But for every reason why I’d rather live alone there’s about 2.5 reasons why I’m glad I do have roommates. There’s always someone up for ordering pizza with you and going halfsies. There’s that whole splitting the utilities things. You never have to throw out the dead mice alone. Someone else takes out the trash when you never do. Those kind of things are the reasons why I don’t actually live alone.

Long Story Short: Living with roommates is rough. But living alone wouldn’t give me as many good stories.

Do you prefer living alone or with roommates?



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